Beaconsfield Penthouse

Occupying two floors of an iconic 1970’s beachfront complex, this apartment was so cluttered with additions when the client purchased it that we were unable to get a proper measurement of the space until the early 1990’s “improvements” had been removed.

The apartment “suffered” from having a living area that was too large in scale to efficiently arrange various sitting and eating areas, so we installed steel and glass partitions which created a “snug” for a cosier family area and installed a linear desk which sails under the bay-facing windows to create an office area.

With almost too many windows facing the sea, the glare factor was considerable, and so a charcoal stained oak floor was laid to reduce some of the brightness. A large black dining table and an enormous Laura Merret painting helped to anchor the scale of the space.

The clients delighted in using their new expanses of empty wall space as an opportunity to expand their art collection and a number of pieces were bought specifically for the apartment.